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Game Concept

Lately I’ve been thinking about what the game should be about, what can I make that is at least interesting in 10 minutes. I cannot go for compelling narrative or aesthetic beauty, since I just don’t have the resouces to do that. I cannot create any interesting gameplay mechanics, because that is too much of a challenge at design level for an amateur like me to do in 3 months. And suddenly, I had a burst of inspiration about two weeks ago:

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Coding Documentation

Hi all again.

Well, since my exam schedule from here to June 8th will be a time-sucking vortex, I won’t be able to actually touch Eclipse or start coding in any way until then. However, I think I mught use the time to learn as much as I can about Java, Android SDK, AndEngine and the other tools I will need.

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Sooo… How do I begin?

Well, the Challenge is set, the motivation is burning inside me, so let’s begin developing!

Ok, but how?

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A new summer, a new project


Welcome to this new blog. My name is Borja Lorente, and during this year’s summer (May to September) I will be attempting to complete an extremely difficult quest. 
I will be developing a game for OUYA*. 
The Challenge rules are the following: 

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