A new summer, a new project


Welcome to this new blog. My name is Borja Lorente, and during this year’s summer (May to September) I will be attempting to complete an extremely difficult quest. 
I will be developing a game for OUYA*. 
The Challenge rules are the following: 

– I have to develop a working 2D game with at least 10 minutes of gameplay in it (gampley being time which the player can move something on the screen).
– It has to be ready to submit (and hopefully already available in the store) by September.
– It has to include at least 10 different textures, one soundtrack and two sound effects.
– It has to be completely open, as in “I will post the GDD and the TDD for free use, as well as any image or sound I use and, of course, the code.”
– It has to be developed with completely free tools and resources.
The reason I picked this challenge is that, although I have some programming background, I have never worked for Android or even Java, and that I want to have at least one finished project, small as it may be, before I jump from Hich School to University.
This blog will be a sort of record of my quest, a way to keep myself and (with some luck) other people motivated. As a novel game developer, I know for sure that I will find countless difficulties, and I want to document this jourley with as much detail as I can.
In upcoming updates I will be taklking about the game development process, the usage of the tools, the state of the game in development, and any tips I can give to other new developers in order to avoid the hundreds of misteakes that I’m sure I will make. I’m thinking about posting some of my sources of inspiration, too.
Stay tuned, there’s great stuff coming, I promise.  
*For those of you who do not know about OUYA, here’s what there is to know: OUYA is a new, crowfundedopen source Android gaming console. Every game in it will have at least a free part of the content, and it will cost about $99. I will not delve into more detail because everything there is to know is a Google search away, but  I believe in this project, and the opportunity to develop a console game for free sounds too good to miss.
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