Sooo… How do I begin?

Well, the Challenge is set, the motivation is burning inside me, so let’s begin developing!

Ok, but how?

Well, looks like it’s time to look at the tools for game-making.

Engine and Programming Language

Since I don’t have the time in 3 months to build a complete game engine by myself, I have to find a free game engine that is compatible with OUYA. Looking here and here, I found that any Android-supported engine could potentially create OUYA games. The 2 easiest options seem to be Game Maker: Studio and Unity3D. Both have a somewhat low learning curve, and both have 2D visual level edition capacity. Unfortunately, both have paid licenses for Android publishing so, according to the rules of the Challenge, I cannot use them. However, I strongly recommend Game Maker for 2D game creation, it’s fantastically easy.

So now that any visual engines were discarded, I turned here, and came across AndEngine, a free, open source game engine written in Java. It has Box2D Physics, a wode community and lots of examples. There are also some sites with tutorials (I particularly like this one), so it looks as though there is enough free information to get started.

So it is decided:

– Programming language: Java

– IDE: Eclipse (Simply the best I have found. No doubts)

– Additional packages: Android SDK-s, the ODK and AndEngine

Upcoming updates will cover Sound, Graphics and other tools.

Stay tuned,



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