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Hi all again.

Well, since my exam schedule from here to June 8th will be a time-sucking vortex, I won’t be able to actually touch Eclipse or start coding in any way until then. However, I think I mught use the time to learn as much as I can about Java, Android SDK, AndEngine and the other tools I will need.

I have been looking for AndEngine documentation, and I have found some good material:

  • For the basics, I will be using Mybringback’s and Mimminito’s tutorials, and I’ll see where that gets me. I may also look this website for further information.
  • EDIT: This is also a good tutorial, I adore that way of explaining every method.
  • In addition to that, I have recently found This project, an AndEngine documentation attempt, which seems to be very complete. That is a really, really useful resource for a newcomer like me.
  • Finally, I will take a look at the examples provided by the author.

That is the main sources if information I will be using for AndEngine.

For general Android programming, (more or lees to capure the big picture of Android apps), I will be also using Mybringback’s tutorials, especially this one and this one, because they don’t require any prior Java programming experience.

Finally, when I have something drwan on the screen, I will turn to the ODK Documentation and the JavaDoc inside the package for OUYA implementation reference.

I hope that this resource collection will be useful for other new OUYA programmers as well, and if so I would really appreciate any comment or suggestion.

Stay tuned,


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