Game Concept

Lately I’ve been thinking about what the game should be about, what can I make that is at least interesting in 10 minutes. I cannot go for compelling narrative or aesthetic beauty, since I just don’t have the resouces to do that. I cannot create any interesting gameplay mechanics, because that is too much of a challenge at design level for an amateur like me to do in 3 months. And suddenly, I had a burst of inspiration about two weeks ago:

I hate grinding mechanics in videogames, so I can make a critic game about that! One that shows how completely unengaging and unrewarding grinding is for me.

I’ve been playing around with the idea, and I’ve finally put together a more or less clear idea of how I want my game to be, so I’ve decided to post it here.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a GDD, I’m not even sure whether this is a valid or feasible idea, so I am sure that this will have flaws. Please don’t be too hard with that.

So, here it goes:

The game is a critic about grinding mechanics. It is based around the concept that lots of games have you fight monsters that are sure to not kill you (like in the Final Fantasy series), and then you reach the boss fight, where the boss will kill you and you will have to go back and spend a lot of time beating weaker monsters in order to develop enough to kill the boss.

The game will consist on several levels, each with one boss and various smaller, weaker monsters. The player has to reach to the end of the last level. However, in order to be able to beat the boss in each level, the player has to spend lots of time fighting the smaller monsters, so that he will level enough.

It WILL have a boring gameplay, and I’ll have to figure out some way to convey the message throughout the mechanics, or simply putt a message at the end.

That is all for now. I know it’s a little unclear, so I’ll be devloping a prototype as soon as I can, to check the viability of the project.

Stay tuned,


P.S: Let me know what you think about the idea: 

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