Tests with AndEngine

Development has finally started, but before I go into buildong the actrual game, I have done some tests on AndEngine, mostly to get used to the methods I’ll be using most often.

The result has been… strangely rewarding. I have created two bouncing balls that move around in a recangle delimited by sprite walls. This might not seem like much, but has helped me dip my feet in the water before diving fully into the engine. As a guide for the tests, I have followed MyBringBack’s tutorial, an incredibly useful collection of videos that show real (though small) applications of AndEngine. I have used the first 5 tutorials.

This is the source forge link for both the app and the code:
Fred and Linda

In the upcoming weeks I will be trying to implement the ReourcesManager and SceneManager classes from matim-dev.com’s full game tutorials

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One thought on “Tests with AndEngine

  1. Ivan Vega says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’m also doing the same as you, reading here and there, looking at MyBingBack’s videos and trying to go step by step, from the very printing text on the screen to actually use the controller to move something 🙂

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