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Are Videogames Art? My Two Cents

Since I’ve been involved in game design, everywhere I go, there it is. That damned and useless discussion: Are videogames art? So here are my views on that. I will be focusing on videogames, because I haven’t really thought enough about other sorts of games, so I’ll be using “videogames” and “games” indistinctly.

For me, games are art. Here’s why: Continue reading

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Grandpa, the game

During the past 24 hours I’ve been making a very short art game on RPG Maker, and I’d like to share it.

It’s really short, and I think many people have felt this at some point.

Here it goes, a game about loss and regret…

Game controls design and Implementation

In this post I will talk about an interesting feature I added this week: Touchscreen controls.

Why touchscreen controls? Wasn’t this a console game?

This will be a console game, as soon as my OUYA arrives, or they alow me to cancel the preorder and buy it on Amazon or soemthing like that. But, as I don’t have it yet, I need a way to test the other functionalitues fo the game, so I figured, Why not design touchscreen controls now, so I can also post it on Google Play?

And thus the design process started. Continue reading

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