My name is Borja Lorente, and I want to be a professional game developer.

Yes. I know how that sounds.

So, this blog is about this, and this page is about me.

I am a High School student, at least until June 8th, the day in which I will finish my PAU (Spanish SAT), and finaly leave School. I have been a programmer in soul since I was 5, and I actually started programming when I was 15. I have done some very small projects, and have basically been trying different things, but I have no prior Android or Java programming experience. My favourite language is Python, so you can imagine how intimidated I felt when I first opened Eclipse. However, I have done some POP in the past, so this getting acquaintanced with Java should not be the most difficult task.

I will be updating this page as some more information occurs to me, so stay tuned.


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