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“Addiction.”, A new OUYA game. An explaination

I have recently set aside my main project to work on a much smaller, much more personal game. It’s called Addiction., and it strives to represent my feelings when dealing with addiction an compulsions in general, using abstract gameplay mechanics. In this post, I’ll try to describe the ideas that I wanted to convey, as well as the mechanics I used to do so. The game is freely available at the OUYA store and will be coming soon to Google Play, but here’s a screenshot of what the gameplay looks like: Continue reading


Game controls design and Implementation

In this post I will talk about an interesting feature I added this week: Touchscreen controls.

Why touchscreen controls? Wasn’t this a console game?

This will be a console game, as soon as my OUYA arrives, or they alow me to cancel the preorder and buy it on Amazon or soemthing like that. But, as I don’t have it yet, I need a way to test the other functionalitues fo the game, so I figured, Why not design touchscreen controls now, so I can also post it on Google Play?

And thus the design process started. Continue reading

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Tests with AndEngine

Development has finally started, but before I go into buildong the actrual game, I have done some tests on AndEngine, mostly to get used to the methods I’ll be using most often.

The result has been… strangely rewarding. I have created two bouncing balls that move around in a recangle delimited by sprite walls. This might not seem like much, but has helped me dip my feet in the water before diving fully into the engine. As a guide for the tests, I have followed MyBringBack’s tutorial, an incredibly useful collection of videos that show real (though small) applications of AndEngine. I have used the first 5 tutorials.

This is the source forge link for both the app and the code:
Fred and Linda

In the upcoming weeks I will be trying to implement the ReourcesManager and SceneManager classes from’s full game tutorials

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Coding Documentation

Hi all again.

Well, since my exam schedule from here to June 8th will be a time-sucking vortex, I won’t be able to actually touch Eclipse or start coding in any way until then. However, I think I mught use the time to learn as much as I can about Java, Android SDK, AndEngine and the other tools I will need.

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Sooo… How do I begin?

Well, the Challenge is set, the motivation is burning inside me, so let’s begin developing!

Ok, but how?

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