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Tests with AndEngine

Development has finally started, but before I go into buildong the actrual game, I have done some tests on AndEngine, mostly to get used to the methods I’ll be using most often.

The result has been… strangely rewarding. I have created two bouncing balls that move around in a recangle delimited by sprite walls. This might not seem like much, but has helped me dip my feet in the water before diving fully into the engine. As a guide for the tests, I have followed MyBringBack’s tutorial, an incredibly useful collection of videos that show real (though small) applications of AndEngine. I have used the first 5 tutorials.

This is the source forge link for both the app and the code:
Fred and Linda

In the upcoming weeks I will be trying to implement the ReourcesManager and SceneManager classes from matim-dev.com’s full game tutorials

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